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I just thought if I don't say anything I'm going to keep forgetting. But woke up a little sore ... But nothing I can't handle but overall best relief I've had in a long time. Next time go harder!!.

Peter West is an experienced, knowledgeable, caring and attentive therapist who provides an excellent treatment. I highly recommend him for regular, prevantative tune-ups and for the treatment of existing or chronic conditions. Thank you for the massage, Peter. I feel fabulous and I will be back, next time I am in the Marsh!

I went to Peter in sheer agony. I have flat feet and hypermobility that means when I am not wearing my orthotics my flat feet mixed with my ankles folding 90 degrees causes my entire body to go out of wack. My calves were rocks I was walking with a limp and my right hip felt like I had broken it. I walked out with a pep in my step! Went home had a nap and when I woke up I was able to stretch and had full range of motion.
Not only is he very gentle, but the fact that he was so engaging distracted me from the more painful parts. Further he isn't one of those ones that think pain is gain or the only method is manual manipulation. I had dry needling, some heat therapy, normal massage and stretching and I suspect there is more in his arsenal.
Well worth it and well priced. I've already pre-booked my next appointment.

Oh my god ... Just had THE best massage ever!!! Went in feeling like a stiff old lady and came out the hot 30 something I should be!! Nice and firm just the way I like it ... Also had some dry needling which is an absolute must for really tight muscles!! Absolutely fantastic and would definitely highly recommend Peter ... Can't wait for another one.

Thank you Peter for treating my sore tight and neglected muscles today. Feeling so much better especially through my neck and shoulders. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to family, friends or anyone seeking a fantastic remedial massage. I will be back!

I went to Peter seeking help with acute lower back pain, somehow he worked magic with a mixture of working with my muscles and dry needling and I walked out a hell of a lot better than I walked in. I can actually move today, the area is still a tad sore but I am mobile and feel as though I’m all aligned! Just being able to roll over and not being stuck I feel great. Thank you Peter I will be back! :)

Thanks for working on my back Peter, it feels great now. Highly recommended.

I had a fantastic relaxation massage today, I am a sook and Peter was amazing, thank you Peter. :D I will be back for sure. 10/10 Very very highly recommended.

Peter you are the best, I mean nothing but the best. My husband came home after seeing you he was over moon that he can lift his hand above his shoulder and touch his head. After years being at doctors and specialists you did just did it in one visit. He will be seeing you on a weekly basis. Thank you again again and again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!

I highly recommend Peter's remedial services. Due to an injury that was causing a pinched nerve I was taking strong pain killers. Peter used a combination of massage and cupping to help ease the pain in a gentle manner and I was able to significantly reduce my dosage of medication. He also added in a relaxation element which was very beneficial. I will be having a treatment again for sure.

Peter made me feel very comfortable and has a wonderful calmness about him. I had a relaxation massage with a little bit of remedial and it was fabulous! I will become a regular. I highly recommend Pete.

I was so stressed with all the organising of my hubby's funeral, and after a hour of Pete’s massage I was calm and serene.

Absolutely awesome. I highly recommend a Pete massage.

I am a very body conscious person and I have always avoided any kind of experience which entails me exposing any part of my body. It was a big decision for me to get a massage and Peter made me feel at ease and allowed me to start with what made me feel comfortable.
I couldn't wait for my next massage it was a pleasant experience which had me coming back for more.

Pete has sensitive and intuitive hands. Give him a chance to impress you … and he will.

Being a larger shape carrying weight I finally am happy with someone who can work, fix and make me feel great. Best money I spend on myself – thanks Pete.

ROBZ1 (via TrueLocal):
I love a massage and have long looked for someone I can see regularly, I found that person in Peter. I am now going to him fortnightly and have never looked back. I suffer from a myriad of back issues and I feel comfortable with his professionalism and skills to trust my troubled back in his hands. He also introduced me to cupping which is sensational. Go and see him, you won't regret it.

Highly recommend this guy … fantasic massage … feeling much better after two vists … looking forward to the next one.


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